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If you have questions for an attorney about your legal rights, the court process, or other family law questions. We have over 17 years of experience in family law.
Contract Review
Document Review 
If you want an attorney to explain paperwork to you and what you need to do. Or, if you prepared your own paperwork and want an attorney to review it.
Meeting with Clients
Second Opinions 
If you want a second opinion on the process, your strategy or find out if there are alternate options.
Legal Research and Writing
 Document Preparation 
If you want an attorney to prepare paperwork for you while providing you legal advice about the process. You continue to be self-represented but you have attorney quality paperwork.
Couple in Mediation
Mediation Coaching 
If you and your spouse are already utilizing a neutral mediator, but you want an attorney to coach you and advise you throughout the process of negotiating a settlement.
Smart Phone Call
Consulting Packages 
If you are comfortable representing yourself but want to have an attorney  "on call" for an extended period of time.  The consulting hours may be used for emails. calls, or meetings.
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