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  Going through family court 
  can be the most difficult    
  thing you ever do. Allow an 
  experienced attorney to help you 
  navigate the process, so you can 
  stop worrying and start  

Our attorney, Genoveva Meza Talbott, has over 18 years of experience fighting for families in California courts and knows the pain, expense, and stress that it causes families.  


Her goal is to help you stay out of family court. She has helped hundreds of people settle their divorces and family disputes without having to go to court.  When you cannot avoid court, Genoveva Meza Talbott uses her extensive legal experience to help you prepare the best case possible. 

Our prices are affordable so you can benefit from her years of experience without having to pay traditional attorney prices. 

Unbundled legal services for Family Law:

> Divorce


> Parentage


> Child Support


> Spousal Support

> Settlement Agreements

So what are unbundled legal services?

In California, it means legal services that a family law attorney can provide a la carte.  With unbundled legal services, you can hire an attorney without a traditional, expensive, upfront retainer. You can also hire an attorney for specific projects or parts of your case.  From the start, you and the family law attorney agree on what the attorney will handle and how much it will cost.  ​


Unbundled legal services allow you to afford to hire experienced family law attorneys while always maintaining control of your case and your budget. 

Client Testimonials

Jasmine T., Los Angeles County

I consulted with her regarding a child custody case. She offered great advice and was able to help me prioritize what I really needed help with given my financial situation. She was professional, prompt, and followed through with everything she said she would assist me with. I would have hired her to represent me for the entire case if I was in a better financial situation and hope others will highly consider her services. 

Jennifer M., Los Angeles County

She was, honest, helpful, and knowledgeable. She got the matter settled in a timely matter and was a huge help. We both felt so much more secure knowing that she was on the case! I cannot recommend Meza Talbott Law enough! If you have a family law matter, I would highly suggest that you contact her to see if she can help 

Karina G., Los Angeles County

At my one-hour long consultation with Genoveva, she was incredibly helpful! She answered all of my concerns and thoroughly explained my family law matter. Genoveva made me feel comfortable and not judged throughout my time with her. I highly recommend her for her patience and expertise on these legal matters. 

Erika B., San Bernardino County

Divorce is monumental and life-changing but you have the ability to help your clients see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

Glora M., Los Angeles County

Thank you so much for your compassion and wanting to help others. It definitely comes through. 

Jeffrey P., Los Angeles County

Genoveva's response time with answers to any question or concerns was superior. She listened patiently and explained all items thoroughly. 

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